Access to our Public Initiative Networks’ FTTH lines

Access to the FTTH lines of our Public Initiative Networks

As a result of the intervention of local authority partners, the offer of access to the FTTH lines allows you to benefit from the pooling of the Public entity FTTH network infrastructures outside of the High-Density Area in the regional territory.

Following this pooling, you will be able to provide superfast broadband fibre optic electronic communication services aimed at your end customers or any third-party carrier who will provide their own end customers.

Accès aux lignes FTTH de nos Réseaux d'Initiative Publique
Access to the FTTH lines of our Public Initiative Networks


  • Enjoy great flexibility, choosing your own methods of access to the pooling of the FTTH network infrastructures and in accordance with your requirements through co-funding* or direct access to the FTTH line with no commitment in terms of duration or volume
  • Choose for yourself how the connection will be implemented for the end customer:
    • connected by the Building Operator, in other words the Delegate,
    • connected by yourself as the Commercial Carrier
  • Benefit from the extensive presence of our Public Initiative Networks in the districts
  • Benefit from the free passive access to the Shared Access Points
  • Enjoy an excellent quality of service allowing you to meet the requirements of your end customers


  • Have contracted with the Public Initiative Network
  • Have subscribed to the co-financing access or access to the Fibre To The Home (FTTH) line offer
  • Order Optical Connection Nodes-Shared Access Point – OCN-SAP
  • Make contact with teams in charge of their sale to find out about pricing conditions and the special technical features of each of these networks
  • Find out about the contractual framework and subscribe to it
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