Shared pre-unbundling

Extend your unbundling zone with the support of the Public Initiative Networks

Install your DSLAMs at attractive prices in the Shadow Zone Subscriber Connection Nodes (SZ SCN) deployed by the partner located in the area in which you are interested. Benefit from the collection, copper or optical fibre allowing you to send flows towards the collection Subscriber Connection Node (SCN).


  • Our Public Initiative Networks cover more than 200 industrial estates, addressing more than 12,000 public and private sites
  • Enjoy competitive prices across each of our Public Initiative Networks, thanks to the investment of our public partners
  • Benefit from extended geographical coverage, due to the wide territory covered by the Public Initiative Network


  • Increase your customer portfolio and your turnover
  • Increase your ADSL market share

To directly address your subscribers located behind a Shadow Zone Subscriber Connection Node (SZ SCN), our solutions include an indivisible unit comprising hosting in an SZ SCN and a collection connection.

Your customers’ lines are connected to all of the 877 SZ SCNs, and can therefore be addressed directly following the installation of your DSLAMs in these SZ SCNs

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