Just Fibre

Offer a very High Speed Fiber Internet access to your customers

Whether your customer has Internet access or not, with Just Fibre, offer them a turnkey white label FTTH Internet access.

Do you want to become a full-fledged Internet operator?

You are an operator addressing professional and corporate customers but you do not have a network because you do not have the necessary human and technical resources? You want to offer your own Internet services under your brand?

You have any questions?

Our experts answer you.

With Just Fibre, you can address/target 4 different customer profiles :

  • those who want to change their Internet operator
  • those with a copper Internet access offer
  • those who already have a main Internet access and want a backup access
  • those who wish to have internet access.

How to become an Internet operator?

Just Fibre, the white label packaged fiber optic network solution

Just Fibre fits to your challenges to distribute and market your own services on white label and benefit from a solution whose functionalities evolve with your customers’ needs according to their business.

The solution includes:

  1. The Very High Speed Fiber connection (FTTH) available in metropolitan France, including Corsica, on more than 91% of marketable homes connected to fiber in the geographical areas where Orange owns and manages the Shared Optical Loop (BLOM) and on many third-party BLOMs.

         2. A Sagemcom box with integrated ONT and WiFi.

Box Just Fibre, speed up your internet and reinforce your security

Box 2G Just Fibre Orange Wholesale France

Different flow profiles depending on the Box
  • Supplied with every Just Fibre order

  • Equipped with an integrated ONT with a 2.5 Gbit/s port on the box for any 2G speed order

  • Based on GPON technology

  • Automatically recognized by the network with upgrade functions

  • Allowing management (profiles, time slots…)

  • Better WiFi connectivity. Ethernet downstream speed up to 2 Gbps and Ethernet upstream speed up to 800 Mbit/s. Accelerate your simultaneous connections

Choosing Just Fibre means also choosing a responsible offer

Because we can all participate in slowing down global warming and accelerating decarbonization, Just Fibre is an eco-designed and eco-responsible Orange offer that helps limit its impact on the environment.  Together, we act for the climate.

Key figure: 92% of our boxes are recycled

10 kg eqCO2 saved per box (over 5 years) due to their responsible design :

  • Recycled cardboard, no colored ink : – 50% CO2
  • Less plastic : – 11% CO2 emissions
  • Less energy consumption : – 38%.

Zero impact delivery :

  • Delivery and return of the boxes by Chronopost, part of the La Poste group, leader in carbon-neutral logistics and 1st carbon-neutral postal operator in the world

Turnkey offer

Be recognized as a telecom operator without the need to invest in your own network.
You keep the customer contact : we will come to your customers’ offices for you or with you according to your wish for the connection of the Box (If the Box is present on the customer site).
Your customers benefit from an evolving White Label offer including the Box (Wifi 6).

Digitalized customer journey

Access to your online services 24hours/7days.

The main advantages of the offer


A high quality network close to your office

Icone Pouce

A box automatically recognized by the network with upgrade functions


1 fixed IP v4 address

Icône Multi-accès

A multi-access offer on BLOM Orange

Icône outils digitaux

Digital tools regularly optimized

Why choose Orange?

A major player in digital inclusion
Orange Wholesale France contributes to the connection to the fiber to the largest number of people by offering a very high efficient and affordable Internet access.

A global support

By choosing Orange Wholesale France, you benefit from the support of a trusted player in the implementation and success of your projects.

You have any

Our experts answer you.

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