Just Fibre

Just Fibre, end to end Internet monoplay in white label

In a nutshell

Just Fibre is an Internet connectivity offer, based on FttH and associated tools. It enables your own commercial services, after sales services, invoicing to your end user customers.

A packaged offer that includes:

  • Very high-speed  connection (FttH)  available in metropolitan France, on geographic areas where Orange  is owner of the optical local loop,
  • A Sagemcom box with Dual WIFI, configured and delivered.


Offer your Pro-PME customers, a solution based on Fibre Optic for main access or for backup.

Just Fibre includes:

  • A turnkey offer in white label without investment
  • A very high-speed access (FttH) on Orange network and the ONT’s installation provided by Orange’s  technicians
  • Asymmetric bit rates: up to 1Gb/s downstream, up to 500 Mb/s upstream
  • A Box in white label
  • Fixed IP V4 address
  • Shipping and delivery of the Box to the end user or address of your choice
  • Access to online services to help you throughout the customer relationship (Pre-sales, order/delivery, after-sales service)
  • Optional: guaranteed service restoration time 10h in working hours of the day (from Monday To Saturday, from 8.00am to 6.00pm)


You are an operator addressing the business and enterprise markets and providing IP services. You wish to offer your Pro-PME customers, a solution based on Fibre Optic in main access or in backup

Just Fibre answers to your needs because it’s an end to end monoplay Internet access offer in white label, associated with tools allowing to propose to your customers:

  • commercial service
  • after-sales service
  • billing service

Legal criterias

  • signing the current version of the Framework Agreement OWF
  • signing the Just Fibre Terms and Conditions
  • providing to Orange the contact details for your own Abuse unit and legal duties

Technical criterias

  • an initial configuration phase in the Orange network (Set-up), triggered by the signing of the annex 1 of Terms and Conditions, prior to your first orders. During this phase you will be trained in “e-Just Fibre” e-services

Pre-qualify orders,

  • TAO

Orders and make appointments

Perform equipment tests and troubleshooting


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