Take advantage of Orange's mobile access network and independently control your Backbone Network

Orange Wholesale France gives you access to its mobile access network, allowing you to have control over the traffic and services that you offer to your subscribers. You can provide your own SIM cards, and have your own database called Home Location Register (HLR) for managing subscriber rights.



  • Get all the capabilities of a mobile Operator
  • By using Orange Wholesale France’s mobile access network, you can offer all the same services as a mobile Operator
  • Take advantage of the best aspects of the Orange network


Customer Testimonial

We are very happy with this Orange partnership, which has been carried out with respect to deadlines since 2014. Orange was the first Operator to work with us on our Full MVNO services expansion strategy. As a result, this agreement means that Legos can offer improved services to its customers, as well as better quality in the mobile services market.

Pascal Prot, Chief Executive Officer, Legos