Know us better

Our organisation

Orange Wholesale France brings wholesale and bulk purchasing together in the Orange Group’s domestic fixed and mobile markets in France, including:

  • Developing inter-operator, partner, wholesale and bulk purchasing agreements, whatever the type of access (fixed, mobile, fibre, ADSL, and Wi-Fi)
  • Marketing wholesale solutions and trademark licences
  • Business development and new partnerships, particularly for contactless payment services
  • Managing relationships with Operators and service providers in France
  • Negotiating purchase and sale contracts
  • Order and delivery tracking
  • Post-sale service
  • Billing, collection, and certification
  • Additional services (Information System (IS), management control, process, quality, HR, strategy, communications)

Our activities are organised as follows

Operational Departments:

  • Mobile Partners and Interconnection Department
  • Fixed Commercial Department
  • Public Initiative Networks Department
  • Fixed Marketing Department
  • Wholesale Purchase Department

Support Departments:

  • Operator Services, Quality, Process, and Information System Department
  • Management Control Department
  • Human Resources Department
  • Customer, Community, Communications and CSR Department
  • Strategic Projects Department

All of our departments work closely with the Legal Department.