Our service delivery

The service catalog encompasses a suite of straightforward and tailored support services designed to meet your business needs

Access the support and expertise of Orange Wholesale France by subscribing to our personalized support offerings. Our domain-specialized experts stand by you throughout the various stages of your product lifecycle, assisting you in realizing your projects.

Initial Package

This package consolidates all the services we provide at no additional cost upon subscribing to our solutions.

Comfort Package

Seeking personalized support to ease key moments in your business activities?

À la carte Services

Tailor your support precisely to your needs by choosing assistance for one or more stages of your operator journey. In addition to the Initial or Comfort Package.

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e-services: online tools to better support your business.

Orange Wholesale France offers digital services to help you throughout the purchase process: online pre-sales tools will allow you to assess whether your needs can be met, for example through eligibility testing; online ordering services help you place orders, monitor their performance and track their delivery; billing solutions allow for customized consumption monitoring and after-sales tools enable the online reporting of malfunctions .

With our personalised support solutions, you can benefit from the help and expertise provided by Orange Wholesale France. Our experts are specialists in their field, and are with you at every step in the development of your products, helping you to carry out your projects.

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