Our commitments

We think that your needs and your expectations vary according to the nature of your various activities. Our commitments face to face of our customers and our partners are translated by 6 key words which guide our quality approach: the gratitude, the availability, the simplicity, the connection, the anticipation and the adaptation.

Our 6 commitments

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

When it comes to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), we aim to develop our solutions in a way that protects our environment.

Our Fibre Optic Network solutions promote exchanges and communication by making superfast broadband access available to as many people as possible.

By connecting people and allowing them to enrich their digital experience through new applications such as superfast broadband video, videoconference, remote working, e-health, or even digital applications in schools, we promote the economic and social development of our society.


We are working with our clients to reduce environmental impact by implementing modem recovery for solutions such as Business Ethernet Core, with the aim of recycling and avoiding wastage of certain materials.

The same is true of the IAMOCN solution, where we have set up a recovery process for Service Access Equipment (SAE). Following each termination, this process is carried out by the service provider of the Department of Information Technologies and Services (DITS). In particular, we aim to:

Schedule appointments for one month after the termination, at the latest
Restore materials that are still operational, to be reused by Orange operational teams
Disassemble obsolete equipment, with special handling of pollutants
We continue our efforts in the important area of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) so that all of our solutions can be environmentally friendly.

RSE arround the groupe

Following the guidance set forth by Orange, we adhere to the following 3 sustainable performance levers:

  • Supporting our clients and gaining their trust
  • Local support for economic and social development
  • A controlled environmental impact

Details of the actions carried out by the group can be viewed at our corporate website.