100% fibre! Our “Core Ethernet” range evolves

100% fibre! Our “Core Ethernet” range evolves to meet your expectations:

  • Introduction of 36-month commitment rates in zone O1 and O2A with:
    • monthly subscriptions from -15 to -36% (compared to a 12-month commitment, excluding 2G and 4G speeds)
    • Service Access fees reduced to 400 € for sites with and without fibre

And also:

  • a reduction in cancellation penalties for early termination of access with a 36-month commitment and in the event of a move
  • extension of the O2A tariff zone with the addition of 74 communes
  • and 160 additional municipalities become available without prior feasibility study for 300M, 500M and 1G speeds.

With Orange’s high-quality activated fibre, you get guaranteed speeds, guaranteed availability and enhanced security.

The strengths of the « Core Ethernet » range are:

Icone Pouce

Guaranteed quality


Unparalleled and expanding national coverage


Competitive pricing

Icone Ecoconception