Orange Wholesale France, a connectivity provider of choice for Kore Wireless

Orange Wholesale France, a connectivity provider of choice for Kore Wireless

Orange Wholesale France is proud to support Kore Wireless, a worldwide leader in IoT solutions, by providing carrier-grade connectivity in Europe for its new next generation eSIM Solutions Kore OmniSIM”.

Kore OmniSIM is an innovative global and seamless eSIM solution, to ease access to IoT connectivity.

The connectivity powered by Orange Wholesale France is based on its industry-leading Wholesale IoT Offer. Since 2015, Orange Wholesale France has been on the forefront of global IoT connectivity with a unique international footprint, access to the best networks in terms of speed and coverage and a wide range of connectivity options including 4G, LPWA and now 5G.

Orange Wholesale France entered into a partnership with Kore Wireless in 2020 to provide connectivity across Europe. This is the first step of a fruitful and long-term strategic partnership based on the quality and robustness of the Orange Network across European countries, and its Know-How for adaptive and strong network solutions.

The Orange wholesale IoT teams has been fully engaged to build a unique solution to address Kore Wireless’s needs and requirements and the two teams worked together during several months to secure final commercial launch.

Innovation and a pioneering spirit are embedded deeply into our DNA at KORE, and the launch of OmniSIM further positions us as the leading eSIM provider for the Internet of Things,” said KORE President and CEO Romil Bahl. “We’re entering what I like to call the ‘Decade of IoT’ and in order to deliver on the growth that we expect, eSIM technologies will be a key enabling factor to the explosion of IoT solutions globally. We are very excited about our partnership with Orange, this has been a key success factor in making this launch successful