Soracom Partners with Orange Wholesale France to Grow Worldwide IoT Connectivity Services

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Soracom Partners with Orange Wholesale France to Grow Worldwide IoT Connectivity Services 

New service offering makes it fast and cost efficient to deploy IoT products globally

In keeping with its commitment to provide the most reliable and available connection for IoT devices deployed anywhere in the world, Soracom, Inc., a global provider of advanced IoT connectivity, today announced it has entered an agreement with Orange Wholesale France to expand its network for IoT connectivity around the world.

Soracom is delivering a highly competitive bundle of IoT connectivity and advanced network management capabilities. The partnership with Orange also enables Soracom to offer advanced IoT connectivity to innovators as an extension of Orange’s existing strong roaming partnerships across more than 220 destinations and 700 network operators.

Orange Wholesale France is the largest mobile network operator (MNO) in France and a leader in global IoT connectivity. Its unique international footprint, access to the best networks in terms of speed and coverage, and a wide range of connectivity options – including 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, LPWA and upcoming new radio technologies – make it a strong partner as Soracom continues to grow.

With an expanding platform representing more than 4 million IoT connections around the world, Soracom is firmly committed to ensuring reliable connectivity wherever customer devices are deployed. This commitment extends not only to multiple redundant coverage layers wherever possible, as well as maximum coverage flexibility through support for eSIM, iSIM, and even UICC-compatible multi-IMSI solutions.

“From the very beginning, Soracom has focused on making advanced IoT connectivity accessible to any IoT innovator, anywhere in the world,” said Ken Tamagawa, Soracom CEO and co-founder. “This partnership with Orange Wholesale France allows us to bring the capability of France’s largest MNO to Soracom customers around the world, helping them accelerate time to market.”

“In the highly competitive European market for IoT connectivity services, providers need to offer more than just a contract for a certain amount of mobile data,” said Alexis Susset, Soracom vice president of global product and EU sales. “As a technology partner, Soracom is committed to delivering both the value and the technical capability that innovators need to succeed in IoT.”

“We are delighted to support Soracom’s international IoT expansion. Orange Wholesale France’s value proposition is all about trusted premium IoT connectivity for leading IoT MVNOs. This partnership with Soracom will bring innovation into the market and accelerate IoT growth on a large scale,” said Bénédicte Javelot, Orange Wholesale France CEO.

This partnership seen by Bruno Cazali, Orange Group Mobile Wholesale Director and Ken Tamagawa, Soracom CEO and Co-Founder

How do you see this collaboration in the coming years?

Bruno Cazali, Orange Group Mobile Wholesale Director - The objective for Orange is to support Soracom in the development of its business, by providing Socarom with a long-term quality of service that integrates innovations such as 5G, LPWA, Data Break out or IoT monitoring tools. We will achieve this result through a close cooperation between our teams. Orange and Soracom are Leader’s in their respective areas of expertise and we are very exited to build together the next generation of IoT connectivity solutions.

Ken Tamagawa, Soracom CEO and Co-Founder - Soracom provides an IoT platform with full MVNO capability to help innovators accelerate time-to-market and reduce total cost of ownership for IoT deployments. This collaboration with Orange will help us to offer broad network coverage and a wide range of leading communication options such as 5G, LPWA, etc. to customers around the world. I am confident that this partnership will give Soracom the ability to help our customers succeed and scale, no matter where in the world their devices are deployed.

How does this partnership relate to your strategy?

Bruno Cazali - The Strategy of Orange is to support a select number of key Strategic partners. Our approach is to build robust and long-term partnership for ground-breaking innovations and the best value creation for our partner’s customers We believe that Soracom will be key global IoT Partner of Orange for the coming years.

Ken Tamagawa - More than 20,000 customers now use Soracom, and an increasing number of companies are now offering connected products and services in multiple countries. Expanding our connectivity and platform services to support continued global innovation is a strategic priority for Soracom. Working with Orange, a leading global player in IoT, will greatly expand the added value our platform can provide to customers deploying devices across Europe and around the world.