Thanks to Eurostar and Orange Wholesale France, browse at 300km per hour* between London and Paris

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Thanks to Eurostar and Orange Wholesale France, browse at 300 km per hour* between London and Paris

Comfortably seated in a train that can reach up to 300 km/hour connecting the banks of the River Thames to those of the River Seine, passengers can now browse, work, have fun or learn online while crossing the landscapes of Picardie and Kent.

This enhanced connectivity is the result of a long-term partnership between Eurostar and Orange Wholesale France set up in 2016 in order to offer Wi-Fi on board trains. Orange Wholesale France provides the connectivity that ensures the train-to-ground link using its 4G mobile network in France.

This on-board connectivity also supported Eurostar’s development in 4 new European countries in 2019, with the objective to offer the preferred travel experience in Europe by providing an even more reliable and high-performing Wi-Fi : a seamless train-to-ground mobile link based on an end-to-end 4G mobile coverage on the rail lines and an increased 4G speed…before switching to 5G in the coming years.

Orange Wholesale France has been able to assist us in setting up Wi-Fi on board our trains from the very beginning. We’ve been advised by a customer-focused and responsive team who helped us make the right decisions at the right time. With Orange you are guaranteed to work with a reliable and sound European partner and to benefit from the best mobile network in metropolitan France. Although the destination is what matters ultimately, the journey is just as important and creating a preference for train travel can only be achieved through customer experience and quality of service provided to the passengers.

Laurent Bellan, Eurostar CIO

With Eurostar we have demonstrated our know-how and the soundness of our solutions for the provision of internet service on board high-speed trains in France and beyond the French borders . Orange’s strategy is to continue the roll-out of its 4G and 5G mobile network along the railway lines in France, and, with a constant focus on quality, to answer the needs of its own mobile customers as well as those of its railway partners who are offering electronic communications services to the public through onboard Wi-Fi. The train will continue to connect and be connected!

Bruno Cazali, SVP Mobile Wholesale & Carrier Interconnection

Eurostar International Ltd, is a Franco-British company which operates since 1994 high-speed trains connecting England to continental Europe (France, Belgium, The Netherlands).
Since its creation, the number of visitors travelling between Paris/Brussels and London has doubled and it serves over connecting 100 destinations in Europe through Paris, Brussels and Lille. Eurostar takes you from London to Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam or even to French ski stations during the winter season.

Orange Wholesale France offers network solutions to all French and foreign operators and markets Orange’s fixed and mobile infrastructures on the French territory.
Orange Wholesale France thus provides actors on the railway market with mobile networks, mobile broadband train-to-ground link solutions and a team of Orange France network experts as well as roaming services, dedicated to the field of “connected Transports”, to support the steering of complex onboard Internet IoT projects. Orange Wholesale France thus provides its services to several dozen million passengers every year across Europe.
Orange France network was recognised n°1 network in France for the 11th year in a row, and n°1 for its quality of service along major railway lines in France.

*on the continental stretch of the Paris-London line