Activated Fibre Optics

Superfast broadband connection for your customer sites with a high level of service

As a result of the intervention by the local authority partners, the Activated Fibre Optic solutions we operate allow you to offer superfast broadband connections to most companies in the territories concerned.

This allows you to offer your end customers value-added services, receive a collection service and bandwidth of up to 1 Gbit from an end customer site to a carrier Point of Presence (POP) for connection to your network.


  • Enjoy competitive prices across each of our Public Initiative Networks, thanks to the investment of our public partners
  • More than 9000 companies are pre-connected or close to the networks of our Public Initiative Networks, allowing you to benefit from fast implementation lead-times
  • Receive an excellent quality of service allowing you to make quality of service commitments to your end customers


In order to connect a company present in the geographical area covered by one of our Public Initiative Networks, you must:

  • Sign a contract with the Public Initiative Network, order a collection trunk on the infrastructure of the Public Initiative Network, to allow outgoing flows to your value-added services
  • Order the type of access required based on the requirements of your end customer: speed, classes of service, options

To find out the specific features of each of our Public Initiative Networks, contact the sales teams responsible using the links in the box on the right, in particular to:

  • Check whether a site is eligible for connection
  • Consult the pricing conditions and technical specifications of each of these networks
  • Find out about and subscribe to the contractual Framework

Once you have signed up to the solution with the Public Initiative Network that you are interested in, benefit from a high-quality service ensured via the following services:

  • Order processing
  • Receiving notifications
  • User point of contact for processing notifications
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