Experimental FTTB solution in Palaiseau

Offer superfast fibre optic broadband to businesses in the French municipality of Palaiseau, a pilot town in the switchover to 100% fibre

Orange Wholesale France is offering Fibre To The Business (FTTB) in the French municipality of Palaiseau, using an experimental fibre optic solution that will take the place of the copper solutions deployed in the area.

Prices will remain consistent with those for copper solutions, and technical continuity will be ensured with the  Business Ethernet Core (BEC) and  Core Ethernet LAN (CELAN) fibre solutions.

To find out more, read about our  Fibre Optic Network.

Experimental FTTB solution in Palaiseau
Experimental FTTB solution in Palaiseau


  • Save time with prepositioned fibres in the street.
  • Benefit from allocated fibre support from Orange Wholesale France, as well as a market-standard on-site customer delivery interface.
  • Share your Fibre To The Business (FTTB) accesses on your existing Business Ethernet Core (BEC) or Core Ethernet LAN (CELAN) connections.
  • Gain access to different Classes of Service (CoS) and a type S2 (default) or type S1 (optional) Guaranteed Fault Repair Time.
  • Take advantage of throughputs ranging from 2 Mbit/s to 100 Mbit/s, upgradable with no service interruption and available at attractive rates.



FTTB in Palaiseau is a pioneering solution designed for a market where all fibre accesses will be delivered without SAE, as is the case with SDSL today. Therefore, it’s up to you to install your access equipment

You don’t have to subscribe to an FTTB connection if you already have a connection. Orange Wholesale France lets you share the FTTB access delivery over a  Core Ethernet LAN (CELAN) or  Business Ethernet Core (BEC) connection from the Paris region.

The teams at Orange Wholesale France will build your access from end-to-end, and will install it in the premises that you specify.