Optimum Ethernet LAN

Meet your Business Customers’ needs in Very High Bandwidth through optic fibre

Optimum Ethernet LAN is a solution for operators who wish to provide level 2 (data transport) or level 3 (managed services) services to their business customers. The Optimum Ethernet LAN offer is based on point-to-point optic fibre over the local loop deployed in parallel to FTTH in less densely populated areas or in low density pockets of very high-density areas (Orange’s shared local optical loop and public initiative networks’ shared local optical loop operated by Orange).

Optimum Ethernet LAN
Optimum Ethernet LAN


  • Attractive prices compared to FTTO
  • A genuine technical platform to provide IP and internet services to businesses of all sizes
  • Coverage and anticipation of your Business Customers’ connectivity needs.
  • High quality Service through Optic Fibre
  • Enhanced use of bandwidth with increase speed over the Ethernet network
  • Compatible with your Core Ethernet LAN network connection points

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For further information check our reference offer for capacity services as well as its annexes which include the price list, copper pair access zoning and fibre access zoning at Orange.com.




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