Optimum Ethernet

Choose connectivity with guaranteed availability.

Offer your customers a secure fiber solution on the Orange network and migrate serenely from the copper local loop to the shared optical local loop.

You are an operator on the Enterprise market

Design connectivity and network service offerings with a guaranteed service level.

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Our experts answer you.

Optimum Ethernet, a range of FTTE offers dedicated to point to point

Optimum Ethernet is an access and collection offer allowing the transport of Ethernet data between the sites of corporate end customers and the operator’s point of presence.

This range uses the Mutualized Local Optical Loop (MLOL) to deliver a point-to-point optical fiber (Fiber To The Enterprise) to our operator customers.

With the Optimum Ethernet Lan et Optimum Ethernet Entreprises offers,  you benefit from a Guaranteed Recovery Time in less than 4 hours and a wide granularity of guaranteed speeds (from 2 Mbit/s to 1 Gbit/s) to adjust to the needs of your customers.

GTR 4h S2 included


Secure engineering

From the Distribution Point (PM) to the Enterprise Connection Point (ECP), you benefit from a secure architecture that facilitates operations and significantly improves the After-Sales Service (4-hour Restoration Time Guarantee and 9-hour Maximum Service Interruption (MSI)).

Icone intervenant

A unique contributor

During the production and after-sales phases, Orange is your only contact.

Réseau de fibres

Fiber, a responsible offer

Fiber consumes less energy and requires less maintenance than copper, which limits on-site interventions and therefore reduces CO2 emissions.

Strong commitments to service quality

Icone sablier

Recovery Time Guarantee: 4h S2 included and 4h S1 optional

Icone Pouce

Service availability: 99.9% (IMS 9h)


Simplicity: single national pricing

Choosing the best offer for your needs

Optimum Ethernet LAN
  • Each access delivered on its own VLAN
  • Service transparent to Ethernet frames
  • VLAN stacking
  • Shared connection with our Core Ethernet offer
Schéma de l'offre Optimum Ethernet LAN
Optimum Ethernet Entreprises
  • Progressive deployment of collection
  • Automatic switchover of flows in case of connection isolation
  • Overbooking authorized on the national collection
  • Shared connection with our Core Ethernet offer
Schéma de l'offre Optimum Ethernet Entreprise

Why choose Orange?

A major player in digital inclusion 
Orange Wholesale France contributes to the connection to the fiber to the largest number by guaranteeing Internet access at speeds adjusted according to the desired level of service.

A global support

By choosing Orange Wholesale France, you benefit from the support of a trusted player in the implementation and success of your projects.

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