Partial End Connection (PEC)

Interconnect your national sites thanks to broadband digital data transmission

With our Partial End Connection solution, you can connect your end customer to an Orange Centre that is open to the Network Interconnection service.

Partial End Connection (PEC)
Partial End Connection (PEC)


  • Take advantage of a guaranteed total coverage of the area in 2 Mb.
  • Connect all of your distant sites using dedicated resources.
  • Benefit from services compatible with “voice” and “data”.

Find out more

You can view the reference offer in capacity services at, along with the appendix consisting of the price list.


Do you want to connect your end customer’s site?

Partial End Connection is a solution offering point-to-point connections, with guaranteed throughput between your end customer’s site and Orange’s site.

This solution is scalable, with throughputs available ranging from 2 Mb to 155 Mb.

Do you want to bring traffic stemming from your Partial End Connections to your network?

Combine the Partial End Connection solution with the Network Interconnection Pathway option.

Legal criteria

  • Be registered with ARCEP (France’s telecommunications regulatory authority)

Pre-qualify orders, make quotations

Orders and make appointments

Perform equipment tests and manage signage


With the Network Interconnection Pathway (NIP) option, you can transfer traffic from your Partial End Connections (PEC) to your network. The NIP option, in combination with the PEC solution, will allow you to offer your end customers an end-to-end rented connection at a competitive price.


  • Extend your network coverage.
  • Take advantage of a rented connection at a competitive price.
  • Benefit from our commitment to quality service. We will resolve any faults in your NIP within 10 working hours of the time we are notified, and will adhere to the Maximum Service Outage (MSO) of 20 working hours or less per year.
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