uCPE Connect

Virtualize network and IT functions at your customers' sites

Simplify your operations and deployments.

Do you want to reduce the number of devices on your customers' sites and simplify your deployment and innovation projects?

Thanks to virtualization, you can now dematerialize all your network and IT services and install them in a virtual format (Virtual Network Function) on a single device named uCPE provided and maintained by Orange. A digital space will allow you to manage all your virtualization operations remotely and you will no longer need to move technicians on site to work on equipment.

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uCPE Connect, an end-to-end managed virtualization service from Orange

The service includes:

  • A uCPE device leased by Orange that you install at your end customers’ sites.
  • A “My uCPE” digital space that allows you to deploy virtual functions on the uCPEs from a catalog of images and to manage them independently.

You remain responsible for managing the applications and the contractual relationship with the publishers, thus preserving your added value.

The uCPE Connect service also includes a central platform shared by the various operators and Orange teams are trained in the field of virtualization and its operation.

Orange is the first wholesaler to offer a managed virtualization service for corporate sites, open to all service providers use cases:

  • You choose the virtual functions you want to use on the uCPEs and contract directly with the editors of your choice.
  • You can ask to include image of your own business functions in private section of the catalog in order to use them on your uCPE.

As an indication, here are two examples of use cases for the uCPE Connect product:

  • Upgrade your end customer’s network solution to SDWAN while virtualizing network functions and business servers.
  • Integrate a ToIP solution on your end customer’s sites.

Rationalize the number of equipment on site, gain independence and reduce your costs

Quick and easy deployments
  • Installation of the uCPE in Plug & Play by the service provider/customer and once the uCPE is in production, the rest of the operations can be done remotely (adding functions, changing topology, updates…).

  • The uCPE Connect solution is scalable to Edge Computing without the need to change the hardware architecture.
Optimization of the telecom budget
  • No investment required in the purchase of equipment.

  • No on-site intervention once the uCPE is deployed.

  • No logistic costs (transport, storage…).

  • Maintenance included in the service.
Continuity of service
  • uCPE Connect-based service virtualization solves equipment and resource provisioning issues related to the semiconductor crisis.

  • Application redundancy that minimizes the impact on the end customer’s business.
  • Management of all virtualization operations on your uCPE via the digital space (topology change, VNF management, backup/restoration…).

Differentiating features of uCPE Connect

Icone Techniciens

Orange sizes maintenance sparing as needed and mobilizes technicians on site to replace a uCPE while respecting a contractual GTR.

Icone PC

Support for any virtualization use case. As long as the network/IT functionality exists in software format, it will be possible to validate its deployment on a uCPE.

Choosing uCPE Connect means choosing a responsible offer

Virtuous offer:

  • Mutualization of functions on a single device
  • Limitation of travels thanks to operations carried out remotely
  • Sizing of material resources as close as possible to the client’s needs
  • Protected, modifiable data collected and, limited to the strict needs of the service

Carbon footprint:

  • Reduction of CO2 emissions thanks to equipment virtualization

Collection and recycling: 

  • Recycling and reconditioning of uCPEs at the end of their life cycle
  • Repair of uCPE beyond the warranty period

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