Shared Connection Points (SCP)

Increase your throughput in areas where a fibre optic project has yet to be implemented

The Shared Connection Points (SCP) solution involves reorganising the copper local loop by creating a new Subscriber Connection Node (SCN). It includes the hosting of Operator equipment and a collection service.

Shared Connection Points (SCP)


  • Offer broadband to the area in question.
  • Benefit from a regulated solution with attractive financial conditions.
  • Take advantage of Orange’s management of the operation and maintenance of your cabinet once the connection node is operational.

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You can view the reference offer for creating Shared Connection Points at




e-service avant-vente

A sales rep is at your disposal to present the features and conditions of this offer.

E-services are available 24/7, including eligibility and pricing tools

e-service commande - production - livraison

Online ordering tools and services are available 24/7 for you to place your order and monitor its status independently.

e-service après-vente

Tools for online reporting of observed malfunctions and real time monitoring of service restoration.

e-service services transverses

Monthly billing with customized consumption monitoring, suiting the specifics of the offer you subscribed to.

*duration time is given for informational purposes


The results of the Shared Connection Points solution feasibility study are valid for 6 months.

The documents are placed in your information space, accessible via your  Web Operators’ client hub.

The amount is the same whatever the connection size.