Mobile number portability

Let your customers keep their mobile numbers in the event of a change in Operators

Number portability is an option given to the clients, which allows them to keep their number when changing Operators.

This service is only available to mobile numbers beginning with 06 or 07.

On average seven million numbers have been ported for all carriers combined over the last three years, with a view to facilitating changes of carrier.

Mobile number portability


  • Improve exchange flows between Operators.
  • Optimise the management of call routing


Do you want to meet your customer demand for mobile number portability?

Remember that the portability of mobile numbers is regulated by ARCEP and managed by the Portability Management Entity (EGP, Entité de Gestion de la Portabilité) joint venture. This entity is responsible for managing the reference base of ported numbers and the EGP inter-carrier portability Platform

The EGP joint venture is also responsible for coordinating and relaying information between the different carriers involved in the porting operations.

Orange is a member of the EGP joint venture and as a result complies with its technical, pricing and operational obligations.

Technical criteria

  • You must meet the requirements for subscribing to the EIG-PME and demonstrate the technical and functional capacity to integrate into the inter-operator portability system, lead by the GIE (French Economic Interest Group).

Legal criteria

  • Be registered as an Operator with ARCEP (France’s telecommunications regulatory authority)
  • Meet ARCEP requirements relating to deadlines for porting numbers and service quality
  • Pay subscription and porting costs
  • Meet the quality standards for inter-operator processes
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