4G Network Access solution

Do you have a Light or Full MVNO project ? Offer your customers a better experience with 4G.

Offer your customers the best in 4G over an extended area, with over 17,946 4G antennas spread across 3,900 cities in France. Take a look at our 4G coverage in France here (opens in a new window).

On the 4G mobile network, you can benefit from a maximum theoretical throughput of 100 to 150 Mbit/s. That’s ten times faster than 3G+. On top of this, Orange is intensifying its 4G coverage in high-density town centres.


  • Benefit from an ever-expanding coverage area.
  • Use a high-quality and reliable network.
  • Offer your customers a better experience


Do you want to offer 4G broadband to your customers?

With the 4G Network Access solution, you can develop data solutions suited to your customers’ growing data usage.

Whatever the service, reduce latency time and provide your customers with a great user experience, particularly for applications that require large amounts of data, such as video streaming.

Offer your customers a better experience with a high-performing network that will let them:

  • Stream videos without interruptions
  • Watch programs in HD, even while on the move
  • Quickly share photos on social networking sites
  • Instantly download applications
  • Play multiplayer online games on their mobile phone
  • Find information quickly and easily

Technical criteria

  • If you are a Full MVNO with Orange, you must have Backbone Network equipment that is compatible with 4G
  • There are no specific requirements if you are a Light MVNO with Orange
  • Your customer must have a 4G-compatible SIM and terminal
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