NFC mobile services

Offer your customers the option to use your services easily and securely with their NFC-enabled smartphones

Offer innovative services to your customers through their NFC-enabled smartphones.

Make daily life simpler for your customers by letting them use their NFC-enabled smartphone to take public transport, pay in shops that accept contactless payment, or benefit from their usual loyalty schemes.

NFC mobile services


  • Offer innovative services to make daily life simpler for your customers.
  • Ensure transactions are secure and confidential with NFC SIM.
  • Benefit from an identical customer experience, no matter what mobile Operator your customers use, thanks to the interoperability ensured by the Association Française du Sans Contact Mobile (AFSCM – French association of mobile contactless services).

Find out more

You can find all additional information, as well as the NFC technology FAQ on the Orange website (opens in a new window).


Do you want to give your clients access to your services via their NFC-compatible smartphones?

By becoming an Orange Wholesale France NFC partner, your services will become accessible to Orange clients who own an NFC-enabled smartphone. 

Do you want to guarantee a maximum level of security to clients using your NFC services?

Benefit from the security of Orange Wholesale France’s SIM-centric architechture. 

Technical criteria

  • Have a mobile app
  • Adhere to the technical specifications as defined by the AFSCM (French Contactless Mobile Association)

Legal criteria

  • Subscribe to a partner contract
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