Operator Interface (OI)

Use the Operator Interface (OI) to place customer copper access orders. It lets you manage the tracking of your orders, excluding products ordered via the  Integrated Order Interface (IOI) tool.


  • Track the progress of your orders and find them in your history.
  • Optimise the management of your orders to increase productivity with reduced processing times.
  • Become more independent with this service, available 7 days a week


Technical criteria

  • Have a computer server equipped with a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) software program
  • Have at least one fixed IP address

Legal criteria

Have a contract for at least one Orange Wholesale France solution which is ordered via the Operator Interface (OI)

The Operator Interface (OI) is available for ordering the following solutions:

Unbundling: Full/Partial Access
DSL Access solutions

Subscription Wholesale (SW)
Traffic Wholesale (TW)

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