You can manage notifications regarding your Orange Wholesale France solutions thanks to 2 features within e-after-sales:

  • e-after-sales test: carry out tests on equipment and certain network elements
  • e-after-sales notifications: report any problems and track repair progress 


  • Monitor the processing of your notifications in real-time and benefit from a reporting history.
  • Avoid unnecessary notifications by using e-after-sales test.
  • Become more independent with this service, available 7 days a week. 


Do you want to avoid unnecessary notifications?

You can carry out tests in the event of a malfunction in the Orange network on services provided to your customers. The e-after-sales service, which is available for all solutions in our catalogue, lets you carry out tests and diagnostics remotely before having to create a notification.

Do you want an Orange technician to perform a site visit at one of your customers’ premises if necessary?

With the e-after-sales service, you can arrange an appointment in the Orange technicians’ schedule when physical maintenance is necessary.

Technical criteria

  • For online mode: have a username and password to connect to the client hub
  • For integrated mode: obtain an authentication certificate and upload it onto your Information System

Legal criteria

  • Have a contract for at least one Orange Wholesale France solution
  • Have an e-after-sales contract

e-after-sales is available for all Orange Wholesale France solutions.

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