Access to FTTH lines in High-Density Areas

Offer superfast fibre optic broadband in High-Density Areas to premises where Irange is the Building Operator (BO)

Access the Orange Fibre Optic Network infrastructures in High-Density Areas to offer superfast broadband electronic communications service solutions to your customers.

Using Orange’s Optical Local Loop, you can expand usage in two different ways:

  • Rent the individual lines you need to supply your customers
  • Participate in co-financing in one or several municipalities

To find out more, read about our Fibre Optic Network.

Access to FTTH lines in High-Density Areas
Access to FTTH lines in High-Density Areas


  • Offer Fibre To The Home (FTTH) access to your customers in buildings where Orange is the Operator.
  • Get access to a superfast next generation broadband network.
  • Participate in an adaptable co-financing plan at the level of the municipality, or sign up to rent individual lines at the level of the Shared Access Point.

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You can view the reference offer in access to the end portion of Orange’s superfast fibre optic broadband electronic communications lines at




A sales rep is at your disposal to present the features and conditions of this offer.

E-services are available 24/7, including eligibility and pricing tools

Order Production Delivery

Online ordering tools and services are available 24/7 for you to place your order and monitor its status independently.

Post sale

Tools for online reporting of observed malfunctions and real time monitoring of service restoration.

Additional Services

Monthly billing with customized consumption monitoring, suiting the specifics of the offer you subscribed to.



This information is available as soon as the contract has been signed. Orange sends it to all signatories of the Detailed Prerequisite Criteria (DPC) file.