Full/Partial Access

Use Orange's local network to offer telecommunications and broadband services to your customers

With unbundling, you access Orange’s Copper Local Loop by installing your active equipment, such as DSLAM, in the Subscriber Connection Nodes (SCN), also known as the main distribution frame. You can offer your customers broadband voice, internet and television services. 

This solution is available in two versions: Full Unbundling and Partial Unbundling.

Partial Access aka Partial Unbundling solution lets you access the high frequency band of the twisted pair, i.e. to xDSL flows, in order to offer broadband services to your customers. In this case, your customers retain their telephone subscription with Orange.

Full Access aka Full Unbundling solution gives you access to the entire frequency band of the twisted pair. You can offer your broadband services to your customers and serve as their only point of contact.

Hosting in our Subscriber Connection Nodes, along with the associated means (energy, cables, site access, etc.), allows you to install your active equipment there.

The Unbundled Access solutions are regulated by ARCEP. You can find out more about the reference offer on our  corporate website, in the section regarding the Access to Orange’s Local Loop solution. 

Full/Partial Access Schema
Full/Partial Access


  • Directly access Orange’s Local Loop.
  • Benefit from your own DSLAM equipment closer to your end customer.
  • Offer services including voice, internet, and television.


Do you want to access the Orange network’s Local Loop?

Orange Wholesale France lets you access Orange’s Local Loop thanks to Full or Partial Unbundling:

  • Full Unbundling lets you access the entire band of frequencies supported by the metal connection of Orange’s fixed network, and offer voice and data telecommunications services.
  • Partial Unbundling lets you access the high frequencies supported by the metal connection of Orange’s network, and offer your own ADSL access services.

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