Equipment hosting in Orange’s Optical Local Loop

Host your equipment in Orange permises to gain access to fibre optic local loops

Take advantage of Orange’s Optical Local Loop and the available infrastructures to develop your services.

We are offering two different services depending on your hosting needs:

  • Hosting active equipment in a Subscriber Connection Node (SCN) if you are only planning to host equipment in Orange’s technical premises
  • Hosting in an Optical Connection Node (OCN) if you are looking for a private space to create your own Optical Connection Nodes
Schema hebergement BLO EN
Hébergement d’équipements dans la Boucle Locale Optique d’Orange


  • Access all available infrastructures in order to deploy your fibre network.
  • Use your existing infrastructures for the copper local loop to make the transition to fibre while keeping your costs down.
  • Request to review the installation options for your Optical Connection Nodes in order to create your private spaces across the many Orange sites.

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You can view the reference offer in access to civil engineering facilities at



Orange Wholesale France can meet your commercial hosting needs exclusively in the Orange Optical Connection Nodes (OCN).

When hosting active equipment in an Optical Connection Node (OCN), this solution includes a service that lets you request the transfer of fibre accesses collected on the cable you have installed within the site. Instead of placing a hosting request, simply issue a request for the transfer cable needed to connect Orange’s Shared Access Points.

You can request that private spaces be made available to you when expressing your needs to Orange Wholesale France. We will then ask you to choose up to three Orange sites, listed in order of preference.