Voice Transit

Benefit from optimised transit rates

With the Voice Transit solution, you can route your communications towards Orange and all fixed and mobile Operators, at optimised rates.


  • Optimise interconnection with Orange according to your type of traffic.

Find out more

To take full advantage of the Voice Transit solution,  contact our sales teams to arrange a preliminary study for your project.


Do you want to optimise your interconnection with Orange?

Get a turnkey solution, with a range of discounts that are automatically applied depending on your revenue bracket from traffic delivered to Orange.

Take advantage of volume discounts, based on revenue generated from the following services:

  • Traffic towards Orange’s local loop, delivered in single or double transit
  • Inter-operator transit traffic, delivered in single or double transit
  • Portability traffic
  • Ported number translation service

Technical criteria

  • This offer is only available in mainland France.

Legal criteria

  • Be a signatory of both the Interconnection agreement with Orange Wholesale France and an addendum relating to Voice Transit. In addition, you must meet the conditions regarding the amount of traffic volume sold for the reference calendar year
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