IoT : Legrand choses EBV Elektronik’s solution integrating Orange Wholesale France’s mobile connectivity

IoT : Legrand choses EBV Elektronik’s solution integrating Orange Wholesale France’s mobile connectivity

Orange Wholesale France’s LTE-M connectivity embedded in the “Heracles” cellular modules developed by EBV Elektronik, the leading distributor of semiconductors in Europe, now powers Legrand’s multifunction switch boxes for emergency lighting and fire alarms control units.

Powered by Orange Wholesale France’s connectivity, Legrand, world expert in electrical and digital infrastructures for buildings, has already rolled out thousands of connected switch boxes to the industry, which enable remote control of self-contained emergency lighting units and fire alarms in buildings. This switch box for self-contained emergency lighting units (“Télécommande BAES”) is a security product providing light to, and guiding people in “public-access” buildings in case of power failure. This device will be gradually rolled out throughout the country.

The mobile connectivity offered to Legrand is the result of an innovative partnership established several years ago between Orange Wholesale France and EBV Elektronik which aims at offering the industry and manufacturers of connected devices a ready-for-use “all-in-one” solution comprising a cellular module embedding a welded SIM card and a pre-charged 4G LTE-M connectivity offer.

Heracles 224G, selected by Legrand, is the second generation module developed by EBV with a view to enhance the design of connected devices and to support the industry’s smooth transition from the world of 2G M2M to the fast growth of the Internet of Things fostered by the LTE-M technology offered by Orange. This module, which combines high-performance, security and reliability, addressed the needs expressed by Legrand for a speedy and successful roll-out of its connected switch boxes.

The connectivity provided by Orange Wholesale France is based on its IoT Wholesale offer which relies on the quality and robustness of the Orange network as well as its know-how in innovative solutions. OWF is a top player in the wholesale market and a leading operator offering a wide range of IoT connectivity solutions in France and worldwide, relying on its strong roaming agreements due, in particular, to the roll-out of the LTE-M technology which meets most of the connected devices’ connectivity requirements and which will ultimately replace 2G and 3G technologies. OWF also addresses comprehensively the new challenges raised by the fast growth of the M2M e-SIM, which creates new perspectives for the industry in terms of rationalising the high number of stocks of connected devices held in different parts of the world.

With our connected multifunction switch box for self-contained emergency lighting units and fire alarms based on the Heracles 224G module and Orange’s connectivity , we can offer our clients a product which is both reliable and innovative, and which simplifies the management of their self-contained emergency lighting units, thus fostering Legrand’s position on the connected buildings market, and, what is more, addressing a key issue: keeping buildings’ residents and visitors safe.With our offer, the otherwise burdensome and time consuming management of a fleet of self-contained security units becomes easier and more efficient.

We are thrilled by Legrand’s choice in selecting our Heracles module, which is the result of our close partnership with Orange Wholesale France: this is an industry leader’s acknowledgment of the relevance of our “EBV Chips” innovation program, through which we can offer connected modules with a significant added value for our clients. We were also able to experience Orange’s thorough attention to our clients’ needs as well as its high-level support.

As EBV Elektronik’s preferred partner, we are delighted to support Legrand in the development and marketing of its connected products thanks to the quality of Orange’s LTE-M 4G network combined with the performance of EBV’s Heracles module. Today, we are collaborating with IoT leaders and we are fully committed to support Legrand in its new IoT projects.