Orange supports Networth for the launch of its mobile offer

A few months ago Networth and Orange signed an MVNO contract. Today Networth launches its cell phone offer.

Networth Telecom, a fixed and mobile operator and software publisher, offers cloud telephony, internet and mobile services. Networth is also a key telecom player in M2M in the banking and remote assistance sectors.

In full growth, Networth now has more than forty employees.

Networth has chosen the Orange Wholesale France solution in order to market its own mobile telephony offer under its own responsibility and autonomy.

An agreement guaranteeing access to the leading mobile network in France

Through this MVNO agreement, Orange Wholesale France provides an end-to-end service, guaranteeing the operator access to the national and international coverage of the leading mobile network in France. This allows Networth to offer its customers packages within the euro zone, including Switzerland and Andorra.

All the Orange innovation in a tailor-made MVNO offer

Beyond the quality of service of the Orange network, Networth has benefited from an MVNO offer enriched with functionalities adapted to its needs and therefore to its customers and partners, which allows Networth to provide fixed IP addresses on mobile lines. It will also be able to leverage Orange’s ability to deploy technology options such as 5G, VoLTE, VoWifi and eSIM with a wide range of compatible phones.

Networth’s plus: control of data consumption

Networth offers all these innovations with a full unlimited offer (calls and sms) and data from 1GB to 200GB and a data only offer from 1GB to 1TB. Users and partners can optimize their consumption with the data control option and the Netconso tracking interface.

Networth also offers voice convergence with its Centrex CELY solution, where the cell phone becomes a fully integrated part of the company’s switchboard.

Effective collaboration throughout the project

The support offered by Orange Wholesale France in the implementation of the solution was also an asset recognized by Networth: since the signing of this agreement, the Networth and Orange teams have collaborated actively and closely to deploy the solution within a short timeframe and thus enable Networth to propose its mobile offer today.

In particular, Networth has obtained EGP approval in November 2021 in order to have autonomy and control over the management of portability and to obtain from Arcep the number ranges necessary for the provision of machine-to-machine and mobile services.

Orange Wholesale France and its teams are pleased to hand over the baton to Networth today, and wish it great commercial success with its partners thanks to this mobile offer, and will not fail to accompany it in its future developments.

A collective success, serving all Networth partners.

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