Optimum Collect

Collect your access traffic on your Point of Presence.

With Optimum Collect, you have a solution in Ethernet VPLS mode for traffic from DSL Access and/or ADSL E and FTTH Access.

You are an operator in the consumer or enterprise market and you want to develop fixed broadband service offers?

Optimum Collect meets your challenges by:

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offering your customers Internet access, Voice over IP or data exchange services

having technologies, management and delivery modes of customer flows adapted to your context.

Optimum Collect, the traffic collection solution on the fixed network

Optimum Collect collects in Ethernet VPLS mode the traffic coming from DSL Access, ADSL E and FTTH Access from Orange Giga Ethernet or OLT DSLAMs on an Operator Point of Presence (OPP).
The traffic can be delivered to a remote site (Operator PoP) or to an Orange site, in an unbundling area, on a collocation extension or on a penetration optical cable (for interconnection or unbundling).

The offer allows you to transport the flows of your customers through a collection network on your Point of Presence Operator (PoP).

The solution includes:

  • Two very high speed connections, “even” and “odd”, are systematically built and you can use them at your choice in nominal/backup mode or in load sharing.

  • Regional, national, intra-Caribbean, intra-Indian Ocean or DOM to metropolitan France collection.

  • A range of speeds from 1 to 100 Gbps, regardless of the delivery mode.

  • Access to four classes of service (CoS).

The benefits

The Optimum Collect solution meets the major needs of your customers:

Gestion de réseau facilitée

Easy network management

  • No operator impact in case of DSLAM/OLT change or network modification

Attractive rates

  • Lower costs than IP collection

The main advantages of the offer


Minimized network investments:

No network infrastructure to build when you combine Optimum Collect with our DSL Access, ADSL E and/or FTTH Access offers.


Flexible offer

Different collection levels.


Future-proof technology

Ethernet provides access to high data rates at much lower costs than other technologies (in particular ATM, which is scheduled to close at the end of 2022).


Quality of Service

Different classes of service.

A global support

By choosing Orange Wholesale France, you benefit from the support of a trusted player in the implementation and success of your projects.

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