FTTH Access

Benefit from the shared fiber and manage my orders on the Web or via API.

With FTTH Access, offer your customers a very high speed solution with the Orange network to migrate your customers from copper to fiber via a digital order path.

Are you an operator in the Professional or Enterprise market?

Find out how FTTH Access meets your challenges to help your customers move towards the network of the future.

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Offer your customers an alternative to the planned closure of copper at an attractive price

Have a very high speed offer to respond to the increase in digital uses

Secure your existing copper accesses

FTTH Access, the all-in-one fiber network solution

With FTTH Access coupled with Optimum Collect, offer an alternative to copper by having an activated access on FTTH associated with e-services and the collection of your traffic.

The solution include :

  • A fiber access (with optional ONT) built on the FTTH networks present in France and in the DROM. The connection of the final customer is ensured by Orange.
  • Traffic collection is adapted to your level of presence in the territory and allows the management of CRT, C1, C2, C3 classes of service.
  • A customer area to consult your offers, follow your invoices and your incidents.
  • E-services to upgrade your offer as technology advances and your needs change, and to have an overview of your subscribed offers.

FTTH Access completes our range of value-added fiber access offers delivered on a POP operator – FTTE (Optimum Ethernet) and FTTO (Core Ethernet).

The benefits

The FTTH Access solution meets the major needs of your customers:


Extended coverage

  • Coverage of 96% of the Shared Optical Local Loop (SOLL) of Orange and a large part of Third-Party SOLLs

Different flow profiles

  • Several COS profiles depending on requirements
  • Download speeds reaching 4 Gbps and upload speeds at 800 Mbps
  • No VLAN tagging possible


  • 10 hours Recovery Time Guarantee (option)
  • Orange follow up
Icone sablier

Time saving

  • A single provider to manage all your accesses
  • Reduction in the number of interfaces to your information system
  • Smooth order taking and follow-up process

Choosing FTTH Access means choosing a responsible offer

Because we can all work together to curb global warming and accelerate decarbonization, FTTH ACCESS is an eco-designed, eco-responsible Orange offer that helps limit its impact on the environment.

Virtuous offer:

  • Mutualization of the access and collection network with other Orange SA FTTH offers
  • Mutualization of ONT with other offers
  • Availability on most of the RIPs

Carbon footprint:

  • 11kWh saved per year/access compared to copper technology
  • Reduction of travel: mutualization of on-site intervention plans with the Just Fibre offer

Circular Economy:

  • NTBs returned to Orange are tested and either reconditioned for a second use or recycled through appropriate channels

The main advantages of the offer

Icone Pouce transparence
Seamless network
Different collection points to fit your transportation network
Icone Integration transparence
Scalable solution easy to integrate into your information system thanks to a set of APIs available through our United Way e-service
Intervention on the site of the final customer taken in charge by Orange

A global support

By choosing Orange Wholesale France, you benefit from the support of a trusted player in the implementation and success of your projects.

You have questions?

Ours experts answer you.

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