Value-Added Services (VAS)

Make your Value-Added numbers accessible to customers connected to Orange or third-party Operator networks

With the Value-Added Services (VAS) solution, you can make your VAS numbers accessible to customers connected to Orange or third-party Operator networks. In particular, this applies to 08 numbers, 4-digit numbers (format 3BPQ), and 118 directory enquiry numbers.

This solution is available throughout France, from fixed and mobile networks using Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) and IP.

Value-Added Services - VAS


  • Get a complete solution with price brackets applicable from TDM and IP fixed and mobile accesses, as well as payphones.
  • Provide access from a large number of local loops throughout France and internationally, with a single forwarding agent. Service providers, hotline content editors, customer services and weather services can benefit from this.
  • Take advantage of real-time traffic monitoring to reduce the risk of fraud.
  • Relax in the knowledge that Orange bills and collects payment for services to its own customers, in its own name. Orange also carries out debt collection and litigation.

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You can view the reference offer in interconnection and Orange access for the Value-Added Services solution at (opens in a new window)



Do you want to make your Value-Added Services (VAS) available to Orange customers and to customers of Local Loop Operators interconnected with Orange? 

This solution outlines the access and sales conditions of Operators’ Value-Added Services, for customers of Orange or a third-party Operator.

Access conditions include the management of openings, modifications, and the closure of the Operator’s VAS dialling resources in Orange’s fixed and mobile networks.

The sales conditions of the Operator’s VAS for Orange customers include customer information, billing, debt collection and litigation for amounts due for VAS.

Technical criteria

  • In order to access value-added services, the relevant numbers need to be opened in the Orange network.

Legal criteria

  • Be a signatory to the Interconnection agreement, including, if necessary by means of a supplementary agreement, the Value-Added Services access Terms & Conditions, the VAS Specific Terms & Conditions, and the Specific Terms & Conditions for transferring indirect incoming/outgoing traffic.


Orange bills and collects payment in its name, for services to its own customers, and carries out debt collection. Orange Wholesale France retains a sales commission and pays you a part of the amount billed to the customer.


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