IP Voice Connection

Move towards all-IP with a simple and secure voice transit solution

With IP Fixed Voice Connection, you can direct your voice communications and your calls towards the global Orange network and to all destinations: landlines, mobiles, within France, to overseas territories, and internationally.

Do you want to connect with ease to Orange’s IP network?

Would you like to pool your equipment, increase your reachability, converge your services and enhance your communication service?

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Our experts answer you.

IP Voice Connection, our solution for all your voice communications

With IP Voice Connection, opt for a network interconnection solution to route all your communications (to geographic numbers, landline and mobile numbers as well as value-added service numbers) within France to Orange’s IP and PSTN local loops, and in inter-operator transit to a fixed or mobile downstream operator.

The solution includes, with no commitment on your part:
1. 1 Gbit/s or 10 Gbit/s data rates
2. SIP and SIP-I Initiation Protocol sessions.

In addition to IP Voice Connection, Orange recommends that you subscribe to the OPTS-OPTV offer to combat call number spoofing, particularly in the case of cold calling. You’ll comply with the Naegelen law, which protects consumers from fraudulent calls.

Simplicity, multiplicity and mutualization of connection links

Let your customers benefit from the transparency of interconnection technology migration. The native IP flows are delivered directly over the IP. This means that there is no need for a technical conversion between IP technology and Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) technology. Take a step towards all-IP with no constraints; all you need is a single connection point, to be chosen from 5 options, and 2 connection links for securing.

  Point de Raccordement Adresses
PRN n°1 en Ile de France Puteaux 12 rue Louis Pouey – 92800 Puteaux
Paris Saint-Lambert 9 rue de Nanteuil – 75015 Paris
PRN n°2 en Ile de France Aubervilliers 21 rue de la Motte – 93300 Aubervilliers
Montsouris 90 boulevard Kellermann – 75013 Paris
PRN région sud-ouest Bordeaux Meriadeck 114 rue Georges Bonnac – 33000 Bordeaux
Bordeaux Château d’eau 22 rue du château d’eau – 33000 Bordeaux
PRN région nord Lille Boitelle 8 rue Louis Dupied – 59000 Lille
Lille Vafo 65 rue Faidherbe – 59658 Villeneuve d’Ascq
PRN région sud-est Lyon Lacassagne 131 rue Félix Faure – 69425 Lyon
Lyon Sévigné 1 rue Duphot – 69396 Lyon

Reliable IP Connection

Based on a secure architecture and dedicated equipment, the solution supports functions such as edge security, access list management and flow sealing with respect to Orange IP flows and those of other operators.

Why choose IP Voice Connection

The offer presents multiple assets that will make the difference.

Tarifs attractifs

Monthly billing with personalized consumption monitoring tailored to your contract.

Icone Temps

Digital services available 24/7 to help you qualify your needs, track orders and report any malfunctions.

Icone Pouce

Conformity to the recommendations of the i3 Forum

Why choose Orange?

Orange benefits from nationally and internationally recognized expertise in the deployment of a controlled, robust and innovative network with high quality of service guarantees.

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IP Voice Connection gives you direct access to a technologically advanced, robust and high-performance network, to converge your services and offer you the most demanding quality of service for your fixed and mobile voice solutions.

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