Data Access Mobile

Complete your catalog with a straightforward solution for securing or providing temporary access using Orange’s 4G/5G mobile network.

Data Access Mobile offers a mobile solution for temporary Internet connectivity on the Orange 4G/5G mobile network, accessible in Metropolitan France.

It is easy to implement and comes with a digital platform, enabling operators to enhance their range of solutions for securing both fixed and temporary access.

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Orange, the number 1 mobile network

Experience the best 4G/5G network. Orange has been ranked as the top mobile network for the 13th consecutive time in Metropolitan France*.

* According to the ARCEP survey conducted on 26/10/2023, achieving a 100% success rate across all criteria in all regions.

Icone PC

Our 100% digitized service platform 

You can perform all your management tasks independently and at any time.

The service platform is directly accessible through the Operator Space.

Icone Techniciens

The quality of our customer relationship and our expertise

You maintain your regular commercial contacts.

You are guided in getting acquainted with the platform by an operator project manager.

Réseau de fibres

A diverse selection of plans

Adapted for securing the fixed access of your clients or for temporary connectivity.


The ability to provide security for fixed offerings on the Orange mobile network.

Icone sablier

Real-time activation and monitoring* of your plans.

* If plan activation is done during the period from Monday to Saturday, from 6 AM to 9 PM, the activation is immediate.

Icone Echanges inter-opérateurs simplifiés

The service platform enables you to be independent and responsive.

Icone Pouce

Straightforward, fast access without investment in an already familiar environment.

The Fixed IP option. This option allows you to monitor the mobile connectivity of your clients. ​

5G for even greater speed.

By choosing Orange Wholesale France, you benefit from the support of a trusted partner in the realization and success of your projects.