Operator Secure Connection (OSC)

Secure your optical accesses

Ensure maximum accessibility on your business clients’ critical sites by implementing physical security measures on Orange’s Optical Local Loop.

Operator Secure Connection (OSC)

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  • Two distinct optical paths to the Orange Hub of your chosen service.
  • Benefit from our commitment to improved quality of service on accesses for the following solution: Core Ethernet.
  • Take advantage of the flexibility and simplicity of implementing a secure connection.
  • Increase usage by using this infrastructure for several business services.
  • Take advantage of an extended service coverage, based on the coverage for Fibre To The Office (FTTO) solutions.

Do you want to guarantee maximum service availability to your business clients with optical access?

The Operator Secure Connection (OSC) provides you with everything you need to secure your customers’ accesses. This double connection is possible thanks to a second optical route, completely separate from the first.

In addition to this, Orange Wholesale France is contractually committed to restoring your client’s connection. In the event that both optical access routes are disconnected, this process can take up to two hours.

Over 90% of our customers prefer the level 3 Operator Secure Connection, which offers two different Orange linking centres for maximum quality of service.

  • Be equipped with an optical access, since this solution is only for securing optical solutions.
  • Carry out a technical feasibility stud
  • Be registered with ARCEP (France’s telecommunications regulatory authority)
  • Have signed the Operator Terms & Conditions and updated appendix 1 with the Operator Secure Connection conditions.
  • Trusted Support: Choose confidence and reliability with the backing of a trusted player.
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