Hosting in shared space

Orange provides the technical environment to install your equipment.

Benefit from the services of connection to your network and internal links to the site.

You are an operator on the Enterprise market?

You wish to:

  • optimize your network by installing POPs
  • host your servers and hard disks or those of your customers
  • host your specific equipment

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Shared Space Hosting offers you to install your equipment as close as possible to your customers or your network

With Shared Space Hosting, install:

  • POPs in Orange sites in the form of several racks with the necessary power and air conditioning
  • any type of equipment and connect them to dark fiber, submarine cables, IP Internet Connection  services…
  • the equipment you need even on the roof of the building

Flexibility of the offer to satisfy both your standard and specific needs

Orange provides you with one or several spaces, from 1 U (in Orange rack) to 2200x800mmx1200mm (H x W x D) and Orange can provide the rack if you wish.
For your specific needs, you can install GPS antennas, satellite dishes, probes… subject to the technical feasibility of the site.

Turnkey offer

Orange provides all the services to make your equipment work: 48V or 230V power, redundant and/or secure, cables from 12 fo to 288 fo, single fiber links, secure access…

Local service for geographical proximity

carte des espace partagé
Orange Wholesale France has selected more than 100 sites throughout France that are « Hosting ready », i.e. a space dedicated to your equipment exists. The list of these sites changes regularly, you can obtain it from your sales contact.In addition, other Orange sites can host your equipment subject to validation by a feasibility study.

Shared infrastructures to reduce the impact of your hosting

Sharing space with other clients minimizes the number of sites under construction and limits the carbon impact of your project.

The main advantages of the offer

Here are some of the advantages.


Numerous sites available throughout France, including in the French overseas territories

Icone Pouce

Quality of service


Possibility of installing any type of equipment

Icône Multi-accès

Independent 24/7 access from the street to the bay

Hosting is choosing a responsible offer

Because we can all participate in decarbonization, Shared Space Hosting helps limit the impact on the environment by optimizing existing infrastructures

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