Two-way A2P/P2A SMS Interconnection

Business SMS offer enabling a 2-way SMS exchange between business customers and their Orange mobile customers

For business purpose, CpaaS players use extended communications features such as voice, video, SMS, chat, or Instant Messaging, enlarging their communication media.

To meet this demand, Orange Wholesale is launching its two-way A2P/P2A(Application to Person)SMS offer, which proposes the exchange of SMS between a business customer using a technical platform and an Orange mobile customer (or light MVNO of Orange) on its mobile device.

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This conversation can be initiated by the business customer or by the Orange mobile customer.

The technical platform and its users are identified by fixed numbers as defined by the French NRA (ARCEP) in its numbering plan decision.

Buy and sell price offer according to your actual traffic

The price for two-way A2P/P2A SMS is a buy and sell offer per message:

  • unit price per message,
  • billed by each party receiving the message: 
    • by Orange for A2P SMS
    • by the other party for P2A SMS

This is also an offer paying a particular attention to the conditions related to consumer protection, fraud and abuse, so that SMS remains a reliable and trusted means of communication for mobile customers.

How to connect with Orange?

The offer is launched with SMS routing through a SS7 protocol and technical interconnection as currently used by national French mobile operators through the Orange Wholesale International service.

A further alternative connection mode in SMPP, based on a secure VPN connection on the model of the « push SMS » is expected in a next step of our roadmap.

Why Choose Orange?

By choosing Orange Wholesale France, you benefit from the support of a trusted partner in the realization and success of your projects.

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Associated solutions

Orange Wholesale also offers a voice interconnection for routing voice calls, in addition to SMS, in order to propose a full reachability service (SMS, voice) for your business customers through their fixed numbers.

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With IP Fixed Voice Connection, you can direct your voice communications and your calls towards the global Orange network and to all destinations: landlines, mobiles, within France, to overseas territories, and internationally.

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